A Window to the Kedem JCC, Kishinev, Moldova


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The Jewish Cultural Canter KEDEM in Chisinau, Moldova, was established by JDC in 2005, as an integral part of the Kishinev Jacobs Jewish Center, the largest ethno-cultural institution in the republic.

“It has been a very busy summer for us” syas Michael Finckel, Financial-Economic manager. “All throughout the summer we had many camps: Family and Integration camps in June; Youth and Tolerance camps with 100 participants in each camp taking place in August; and two programs, one for young kids  and one post camp program for madrihim (counselors), in cooperation with the Szarvas international camp in Hungary, with which we have had cooperation from 2009.” Indeed, it has been a busy summer yet there are many events throughout the year.

About 6,000 visitors come through your door each year. Anything special about the Jewish facilities in your community?

One of our goals for this year is the upgrade and redesign of our premises. We are involved in redesigning a unique Museum for Jewish Heritage. Just this year, the museum won three grants from Rotary club in Seattle (USA), the Rothschild Fund (Great Britain) and Anna Frank Fund (Switzerland). We constantly hold exhibitions within the JCC dedicated to Jewish holidays, main events of the year, including joint events with Embassies, international NGOs, local state structures and foreign partners.

Your JCC was established by JDC which celebrates this year its’ centennial. Are there any special events planned?

A big event dedicated to the JDC jubilee is planned for November 6 in one of the most prestigious halls of Chisinau. Most of our programs, including camps, had a special track dedicated to JDC. We opened an exhibition dedicated to the JDC 100th Anniversary and 95 of its activities in Bessarabia/Moldova.

What are you plans for the upcoming year?

We had some very attractive and nice events like Open Air concert by Chamber orchestra from Finland, new program Family Sunday with cadets-volunteers from USA and USA Independence Day conducted with support of the US Embassy in Moldova. We have been working intensively on the plans for the rest of the year: A traditional Open Air concert with Spanish conductors for the Independence Day of Moldova (end of August); program dedicated to Yiddish writers shot by Stalinist regime in 1952; Open Day of the JCC in September; Global Day of Jewish Learning in November; music competition for teenagers named after Z. Tcach in December and of course all of the Jewish holidays.

Our attention will also be dedicated to developing the Mekor Rock Project – a joint project with the Jewish communities of Caracas in Venezuela, Emek Hefer in Israel, Tanefly in New Jersey USA and two centers in Romania (Bucaresti and Timisoara). We will be working on this project in the upcoming two years and are very excited about it and our new partners from around the globe.

More information can be found in the KEDEM JCC website: www.jewish.md (in English) and on their Facebook page (in Russian).


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