JCC Global (formerly known as the World Confederation of Jewish Community Centers- WCJCC) was established in May 1977 in Jerusalem, as the umbrella organization of all the continental and regional networks of JCCs. It is sponsored by major Jewish world organizations involved in the JCC field. To date, there are over 1,100 JCCs worldwide: 500 in Israel, 300 in North America, 180 in the Former Soviet Union, 70 in Latin America, 100 in Europe, a few in Australia and 1 in Mumbai, India. They are all part of the JCC Global worldwide movement! 

Throughout the world, Jewish Community Centers are the heart of the Jewish community. They are dedicated to the common purpose of Jewish continuity through educational, cultural, social welfare and recreational activities. They provide services and programs that build and strengthen Jewish communal life and provide Jewish educational experiences to and for Jews of all ages and orientations. Being sensitive to their distinctive local manifestations, JCC Global strives to strengthen their common agenda and provides a viable network that promotes cooperation and collaboration.

From Buenos Aires to Paris, from Sofia to Tel-Aviv, from Moscow to Toronto, JCC Global takes the best of what each region has to offer and uses it as a resource to address the specific needs of other JCC networks. It strengthens the bond with Israel, the Jewish homeland, and with all Jews throughout the world. Thus, JCC Global helps develop JCC leaders who have a global Jewish perspective.


Mission Statement:

JCC Global (formerly known as the World Confederation of Jewish Community Centers- WCJCC) connects over 1000 Jewish Community Centers worldwide.

Building on the uniqueness of each JCC, JCC Global creates relationships that inspire Jews and Jewish communities the world over to share ideas and resources, collaborate and partner. Connected Jewish communities benefit locally and join hands globally in order to ensure a thriving Jewish People.