Adi Nachshon, Co-Director, Emek Hefer Community Center and Zait (Sehut Yehudit Tarbutit), Emek Hefer, Israel

Nachshon Adi photo

I grew up in a secular family, 15th generation Israeli on my maternal side. The land of Israel and the stories of the Bible formed an integral part of my childhood.

I earned my B.Ed. in Creative Education and did my graduate studies in Judaism and the Arts. I am currently studying towards an MA in the program of Social Change through the Arts. I have 25 years of experience in project development and management in the areas of art, video and theater, society and culture. I coordinated an organization promoting dialogue and understanding between religious and secular Jews in Israel. Since 2006, I have been co-director of Zayit – Jewish Cultural Identity in Emek Hefer, a branch of the Regional Council that creates and promotes communal and educational activity inspired by Jewish-Israeli culture.