Amitim2.0 Joint Projects

JCC Global Amitim2.0-Fellows connected 50 JCCs from 15 countries that invented, developed and implemented global programs that brought their members closer to Jews in their own communities and around the world.
The Executive Directors and Lay Leaders of these JCCs, who were identified as key change agents, are part of our global network. After spending a week together in New York, USA, in November 2017, the JCCs are worked on 15 global projects. Each group was composed from JCCs from different regions: North America, Israel and Europe/FSU/Latin America.
The Fellows spent another week in Israel in December 2019 at the Amitim2.0-Fellows Assembly and 10th World Conference of JCCs. Eventually, Jewish Peoplehood will be integrated into the life of the local JCC.

Amitim2.0 Fellows Joint projects:

Name of project North America Israel Europe/ FSU/ Latin America / Far East Europe/ FSU/ Latin America / Far East Europe/ FSU/ Latin America / Far East
1. Found You- Volunteering Mid Island Y JCC, New York, NY, USA Akko Community Center, Israel OHA Macabi, Buenos Aires, Argentina Beith Dan, Kharkov, Ukraine
2. Global Hip Hop JCC of Mid Westchester, New York, NY, USA Efrat Community Center, Israel CDI Mexico City, Mexico
3. Jewish Lens JCC of Greater Baltimore, Baltimore, MD, USA Neve Dkalim Community Center, Ashkelon, Israel Beit Grand, Odessa, Ukraine
4. Teen Leadership Merage JCC of Orange County, CA, USA Kfar Yona Community Center, Israel
5. Monologue 14th St. Y, New York, NY, USA Redbridge JCC, London, UK Athens Jewish Community, Athens, Greece Ma’ale Yosef Community Center, Israel Lamroth Hakol, Buenos Aires, Argentina
6. Active Young Hearts Miles Nadal JCC, Toronto, Canada Netanya East Community Centers, Israel JCC Thiya, Khmelnitksy, Ukraine
7. JCC Global MekoRock JCC on the Hudson, New York, NY, USA Zayitt, Emek Hefer, Israel JCC Solomonika, Dnipro, Ukraine Hebraica, Caracas, Venezuela JCC Kedem, Chisinau, Moldova
8. Holocaust Essay Contest Kings Bay Y JCC, New York, NY, USA JCC Kedem, Chisinau, Moldova
9. Phoenix Project Shimon and Sara Birnbaum JCC, Bridgewater, NJ, USA Beit Ha’Kerem Community Center, Jerusalem, Israel JCC Kedem, Chisinau, Moldova
10. Executive Directors’ Exchange Kings Bay Y JCC, New York, NY, USA Netanya South Community Centers, Netanya, Israel
11. Jewish Lens (Photo Amitim) JCC Metro West, West Orange, NJ, USA Kfar Vradim Community Center, Kfar Vradim, Israel Lisbon Jewish Community, Lisbon, Portugal
12. Kol Isha– A Women’s Voice Oshman Family JCC, Palo Alto, CA, USA Migvanim Ramat Hasharon, Ramat Hasharon, Israel JCC Krakow, Krakow, Poland
13. Mosaic Herzliya Community Centers, Herzliya, Israel Beit Graham JCC, Krivoy Rog, Ukraine
14. Jewish Lens (Project Tzilum) Menora JCC, Ekaterinburg, Russia CDI Mexico City, Mexico
15. Better Together: Global Inclusion Program Sid Jacobson JCC, New York, NY Beit Ha’Kerem Community Center, Jerusalem, Israel Evelyn Peters JCC, Mumbai, India JCC Mazal Tov, Zaporozhe, Ukraine