Beit Grand, Odessa, Ukraine


The Jewish Cultural Center “Beit Grand” is a modern center of all-round human development, it was conceived as the most optimal place for leisure activities for Odessa residents. In general, our center is a beautiful metaphor for Odessa itself: we talk about Jewish culture, but we are open to all!
The center’s activities are divided into several areas. The most important direction of the EKC “Beit Grand” is the comprehensive development of our visitors. In the center, at the moment, there are 11 main directions that are divided into more than 30 studios covering absolutely different directions and tastes (dance, sports, creative and educational studios). Most of the studios are aimed at the harmonious development of children. After all, as one of the most remarkable Odessites, Isaak Babel, said: “… the Jews are fond of children because it is very good and necessary – to love children.” The main task of the Beit Grand Cultural Center is to enable every child to develop innate potential through the full development of the mind, body and emotional world. The basic form of learning is not in the ordinary transmission of ready-made truths and knowledge,
If we talk about the teaching staff, then we have it at the highest level. For each studio the masters of the business answer: the well-known choreographers, artists and masters of sports in various kinds.
Center “Beit Grand” is famous for its poster of events, which is full of theatrical performances and musical events. The concert hall is designed for 204 seats and is equipped with a climate control system, modern sound, lighting and projection equipment.

Jewish Federation partnership with Baltimore, USA, and Ashkelon, Israel. 

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