Bensonhurst JCC, New York, NY, USA Profile


The Edith and Carl Marks Jewish Community House of Bensonhurst (“the JCH”) is a community center and community based social services organization. The JCH serves a largely immigrant population and, among other things, has acted as a resettlement house for over 60,000 immigrants from the Former Soviet Union.

Many famous Jews in America can trace their roots to Brooklyn, and even to the J! Sandy Koufax, known for sitting out a world series baseball game on Yom Kippur because of his Jewish heritage, grew up playing basketball at the J. Harvey Fierstein, a successful Broadway actor and producer (current award winning show: Kinky Boots) grew up at the J.

Larry King, news media personality, was the scorekeeper for the championship J basketball teams back in his day.

JCH participated in JCC Global’s mentoring/professional exchange program with Odessa and the Tri Center project with Dnepropetrovsk and Ashdod.

You can read about the Executive Director of the Bensonhurst JCC in New York, Alex Budnitsky, about Gelena Blishteyn, Chief Operating Officer, and about Jonathan E. Gold, Chairman of the Board, Fellows in JCC Global Amitim-Fellows program.

Visit the Bensonhurst JCC website for more information at:

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