Evelyn Peters Jewish Community Centre, Mumbai, India

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Evelyn Peters Jewish Community Centre (EPJCC) is home to a range of social, religious and cultural programmes organized for all ages. The JCC has now completed 18 years and offers a menu of ways to learn and have fun through informal Jewish education courses, gatherings and special events.

Some of our activities and events include-

Parent Toddler Programme: for toddlers up to 5 years and their parents to join together for a morning of fun and learning! Sessions include songs, games, activities and Jewish concepts.

Gan Katan: informal Jewish educational class for children ages 5-12 in Mumbai, Thane and suburbs of Mumbai.

Day Camp: a five day learning adventure at the EPJCC! Twice a year, children from Gan Katan and beyond join for a week of fun through Jewish themes and activities. All the lessons, games and activities are planned by the JSC fellows and local youth volunteers who work through the year on creating interactive programmes for your children.

OrotHaTorah- Rosh Chodesh Ladies Group: A monthly gathering of Ladies to celebrate the start of Jewish month together. Sessions include candle lighting and lecture on the significance of the new month.

Ladies’ Camp: a three day retreat just for the ladies! Once a year, the ladies travel to a nearby resort to unwind, learn together and enjoy each other’s company. The goal of our camps is to create an environment for the ladies to feel empowered as Jewish women as well as relax from the typical routine!

Golden Age Group: an enthusiastic group of 60+ year olds that meet for social and informational events throughout the year. Through our special programme, “Cool Homes” brings people together for interesting lectures on senior health and wellbeing, entertainment acts, and anniversary Malidas. The Golden Age Group is very much celebrated crowd where friends meet and laughs are shared!

Israel related Programming: Yom HaAtzmaut celebration, Shoa Commemoration and Advocacy programmes planned throughout the year for all the community members.

The Jewish Youth Pioneers: JYP is the community’s only Jewish youth group that provides a vital framework for about 100 Jewish teenagers and young adults. The more recently formed JYP Juniors’ group, meets twice monthly at the JCC and provides Jewish-¬‐themed activities for younger teens.

The JYP participates in the summer and winter camps as well as Leadership training programs held through the year.

Weekly classes for community members

Torah Study course: a weekly class immersed in the study of Tanakh and Jewish history

Hebrew courses: beginners and intermediate courses offered both in the EPJCC, Mumbai and Thane synagogue under its Outreach programs.