Charitable Foundation Jewish Cultural Center Beith Dan, Kharkov, Ukraine



Beit Dan invests in the basis of the community – the Jewish home, and offers interesting activities for each family member such as educational programs on Jewish traditions and culture, training, interest clubs such as ballroom dancing and much more. Beit Dan organizes Shabbatons and Jewish holiday’s celebrations.

Beit Dan is named in the honor of Shaike Dan, a hero of the Jewish people. Dan was an Israeli paratrooper who during the Second World War landed in Nazi-occupied Europe to save the Jews from destruction. Dan played a leading role in evacuating more than 600,000 Jews from Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Hungary, and the Soviet Union to Israel. This mass resettlement, and also the transfer of weapons to Israel during the War of Independence, took place under the cover of secrecy, and many of its details are left unknown.

The image and values that symbolize Shaike Dan- commitment to your work, loyalty to the traditions of your people, professionalism and dedication, openness and philanthropy – illuminate the activities of the Jewish community cultural center Beit Dan.

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