CSCD HEBRAICA AC, Caracas, Venezuela

Venezuela laminas hebraica en ingles

Hebraica is a multi-disciplinary Community Center that provides services and activities for every demographic segment in the local community. It is the Jewish institution with the broadest reach in the country, and the place where most of the Jewish communal life takes place.

It is a private institution and all members must belong to either the Ashkenazi or Sephardic community congregations. The Jewish school system operates within the same property as the JCC but is managed separately. This shared location has played a major role in the level of participation of the children since they spend most of their days between the school and the JCC.

Hebraica offers regular activities ranging from a daycare center for babies starting at 6 months, up to a seniors group for participants in their 90’s, as well as sports, music, arts, languages, and other extracurricular activities.

As in the general community, the degree of observance of Judaism varies from family to family and Hebraica offers kosher meals, but is also open to its members on Shabbat.

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