Eilat Community Center, Eilat, Israel Profile

Eilat JCC Israel poster

Eilat’s Community Center Network serves the community from birth to old age.

We have day care centers, afternoon programs, and recreational activities for teens, sports, education and enrichment, theater, clubs for the elderly, and special-needs populations. Programming takes place all day long, throughout the year, not only within the community centers, but also in public places, reaching out to the youth of the city. Due to Eilat’s distance and isolation from other populated areas, we provide educational programs and therapy services not only in the city, but also outside of it.

You can read about the Director of the Eilat Community Center, Iris Cohen, and about Frida Ben-Yosef, Board Member, Fellows in JCC Global Amitim-Fellows program.

Visit the Eilat Community Center website for more information at: www.eilatmatnasim.org.il

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