Ekaterinburg Jewish Cultural Center Menora, Ekaterinburg, Russia

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The Ekaterinburg Jewish Cultural Center “Menorah” is an open public space, which serves more than 3,000 people. The mission of the center is to promote community, freedom of thought, respect, and Jewish tradition in Ekaterinburg and beyond the city. What makes our center unique is the fact that all of our programs, including, art programs, children’s activities, our library, music groups, social programs for the disabled, and community projects are all interrelated and are designed to enrich and complement one another.

We are proud that our center hosts the youngest to the oldest of our members, with staff that is warm and understanding to all of the needs of our members. Our home does not just consist of walls and a roof, our home is made up of the lives of many people of different generations, all who feel part of a friendly, Jewish family, whose name is Menorah.

Visit Menora website for more information: http://www.menora-ural.ru