Eldad Shalem, Chairman of Zait Steering Committee, Emek Hefer Community Center and Zait (Sehut Yehudit Tarbutit), Emek Hefer, Israel

Shalem Eldad photo

Eldad Shalem was born and raised in Kibbutz Ma’abarot in Emek Hefer. He studied at Tel Aviv University: B.A. in Economics and Philosophy and MA in Labor Studies. He has worked in agriculture and business management, as well as an educator and director of the regional high school. More recently, Eldad took on the role of organizational advisor to the Kibbutz movement, in addition to his responsibilities as HR manager and financial manager of Kibbutz Ma’abarot. In 2009, he was elected Deputy Mayor of the Emek Hefer Regional Council. Eldad has played volleyball on the national teams of Israel and served as the Chairman of the Israeli Volleyball Veterans Association.