Elena Tal-Alekseeva, Yesod, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

Elena Tal-Alexeeva

Elena has been working in Yesod JCC of Saint-Petersburg as a deputy director since 2011. Her responsibilities include: development and promotion of JCC’s core activities such as family programs, Jewish community events and holidays, cultural and educational seminars and lectures, big community events etc.; organization and promotion of leadership programs for the JCC and for the community; development of partnerships between local and external organizations in the community; HR issues; commercial goals (necessity to build self-sustainable Jewish organization in the modern world)
Her first formal acquaintance with Jewish culture and tradition was in Jafi Youth camp when she was a teenager. Although she had a wonderful time there (and she even met her future husband in this camp!), there was no continuation of the camp and quite quickly she shifted back to the usual routine with no Jewish side to my life. About five years ago, she was offered a position of Marketing, PR and Commercial programs Director in Yesod. It was a big shift from her previous work, but soon she figured that she could be useful for the JCC, and could apply her skills and knowledge to make it prosperous and self-sustainable, while in its turn this job allowed her to go back to her “family”, to the circle of friends she used to have in camp. Today, Elena also enjoys Yesod as a “customer” – they take part in shabatons, her elder son go to camps and to the Lehava Junior (leadership program for teenagers), her daughter goes to the Jewish kindergarten, and her parents visit JCC’s concerts and lectures.
Elena hopes that through the participation in the Amitim program, and through broadening her network, she could find new ways of motivating her staff and clients to explore the Jewish world no matter what political and economic situation might be in their country.
Elena holds a BA in Pedagogics and Marketing.