Emek Hefer Community Center and ZAIT (Zehut Yehudit Tarbutit), Israel Profile

Emek Hefer Zaiy JCC Israel poster

The Community Center serves the entire region of Emek Hefer, a regional council made up of 41 rural communities totaling 40,000 residents. Zayit, Jewish Cultural Identity in Emek Hefer, was started seven years ago by educators, community leaders and social activists – young and old, religious and secular, residents of Emek Hefer and the nearby area.

Zayit is an inseparable part of the Emek Hefer Regional Council/Regional Community Center that has placed Jewish Culture as a third foundation stone in its vision, alongside community building and greening the valley. We have been cooperating attentively with the local population and the various institutions in order to shape and enrich cultural life, respond to local needs and create individual responsibility and commitment for the place where we live and raise our children.

Zayit has a broad community-oriented perspective. Our activities include leadership training, Jewish cultural and ritual events in the public sphere based on the Hebrew calendar, formal and informal education, a learning community – study groups, art workshops, lectures, and more.

You can read about the Co-Director of ZAIT, Adi Nachshon, and about Eldad Shalem, Chairman of ZAIT Steering Committee and Deputy Mayor of the Emek Hefer Regional Council, Fellows in JCC Global Amitim-Fellows program.

Visit the Emek Hefer Community Center and ZAIT website for more information at: www.hefer.org.il/zait

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