Estadio Israelita Macabi Chile, Santiago, Chile


The Israelite Stadium was born from the idea of creating a place where the Jewish community could reconnect with the traditions and culture of our people. Initially, its creation was an open secret within the Jewish community of Santiago, and many disbelieving that a project this great could be carried out, classified it as a madness and something impossible. However, the placement of the first stone of our building put an end to the disbelief and mistrust, and consolidated the dream of what is our home today.

Today, Estadio Israelita Maccabi is made up of more than 1,200 families and occupies a privileged place in the national Jewish life of Chile, priding itself on enhancing our culture and traditions. We thank those who believed in this visionary project and we invite all to take part in our wide range of activities that the institution offers.

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