Even Yehuda Community Center, Even Yehuda, Israel

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The Even-Yehuda Community Center is characterized by professionalism and a high level of training and content, yet providing a warm and homey environment.

The center operates a number of centers in a wide range of activities in a variety of different fields, as well as extensive community and cultural activities, sports events, a third-year club, afternoon activities for kindergarten and school children, cultural Sabbaths, cultural activities, community activities and youth activities.

The community center provides services for about 3,500 regular participants and 1,500 occasional guests.

The Center’s programs, services and activities derive from the needs of the community as part of a comprehensive world view aimed at improving the quality of life of the community, while taking into account the unique wishes and needs of the individual and of the various population groups. The Community Center aims to complement the existing services in civil society and to express the value of social and cultural pluralism in Israeli society.

Our goal is to serve as a meeting place between different population groups in different age groups from early childhood to pensioners, while strengthening shared values and cultivating mutual respect and tolerance for differences in the needs and cultural values of different population groups. Our goal is also to open a wide world of art and culture, learning and thinking skills, imagination and creativity, development and strengthening of fitness and physical strength, self-defense and competition, in a professional and supportive atmosphere with an emphasis on responsibility, cooperation and tolerance for others.

Visit Even Yehuda Community Center website for more information: http://www.evenyehuda.org.il/