Partner communities:

  • Mid Island Y JCC, New York, NY, USA
  • Akko Community Center, Israel
  • OHA Macabi, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Beith Dan, Kharkov, Ukraine

About the Project:

“Found You” connected communities through volunteers and volunteering through webinars about the topic and virtual meetings between the volunteers coordinators and volunteers from all 4 communities.

A teen delegation from Buenos Aires visited Akko, and a parallel teen delegation is planned to take place during 2020.

A joint seminar of volunteers from Akko and Kharkov is also planned to take place in Kharkov.

The group is also planning to write a joint booklet in the topic of volunteering.

As part of the program, the JCCs prepared videos to learn about each other’s volunteers programs:

Akko volunteer programs:

Volunteer community Kharkiv: