Ginot Ha’ir Community Center, Jerusalem, Israel Profile

Ginot Ha'ir Community Center Jerusalem Israel poster

The Ginot Ha’ir Community Council serves 50,000 residents from the German Colony, Greek Colony, Rehavia, Talbiya, Katamon, Yemin Moshe, Kiryat Shmuel and Nayot neighborhoods. The community council works towards shaping a pluralistic community in Jerusalem building its programs around imparting values of responsibility and involvement in all parts of the community.

The Community Council is a place of vibrant activity, culture and community that serves the residents of the nearby neighborhoods as well as all residents of Jerusalem.

Ginot Ha’ir Community Council leads the development of community abilities in Jerusalem. with an emphasis on participatory democracy as a guiding philosophy. We also concentrate on advancing pluralistic Jewish culture working on events such as a large community Kabbalat Shabbat with partners from our neighborhoods.

You can read about the Executive Director of the Ginot Ha’ir Community Center, Shaike El Ami, and about Idit Rubin, Board Member, Fellows in JCC Global Amitim-Fellows program.

Visit the Ginot Ha’ir Community Center website for more information at:


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