JCC Global is supported by all the regional networks of JCCs and by major Jewish organizations involved in the JCC field. In addition, personal contributions from board members and friends are essential in sustaining the organization.

Guardians מגינים

AJJDC – American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee

UJA Federation of New York

Morton L. Mandel

Naomi and Mark Ramer

Noreen Gordon Sablotsky

Linda and Jerry Spitzer

Benefactors נדיבים

JCCA – Jewish Community Centers Association of North America

IACC – Israel Association of Community Centers (Matnassim)

Jane Gellman

Millie and Larry Magid

Geri and Lester Pollack

Builders בונים

CDI – Centro Deportivo Israelita, Mexico

Jewish Care, England

FSJU – Fonds Social Juif Unifie, France

Dr. Lisa Braun-Glazer

Silvia and Ishie Gitlin

Evelyn and Jerry Makowsky

Vivian and Marcos Metta

Laurayne Ratner

Shirely and Allan Solomon

Partners שותפים

ZWST – Central Jewish Welfare Federation, Germany

CLAM – Confederation of Latin American Maccabi Community Centers, Latin America

JAFI – Jewish Agency for Israel

MWU – Maccabi World Union

Isaac and Lily Fridman

Martha Lewenstein, of blessed memory, in memory of Louis Kraft

Rick Spitzer

Sharon and Steve Seiden

Supporters שוחרים

Sam Gellman

JW3 London

Dr. Cheryl Fishbein and Phil Schatten

Diane and Howard Wohl

Friends ידידים

Ace Allen

Barbara Drench

Jonathan Gold

Gregory Sapaniev

Andrea and Alan Solow

Neil Taylor

Jane and Stuart Weitzman

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