Centro Deportivo Israelita A.C. (CDI), Mexico City, Mexico Profile

CDI Mexico poster

Our JCC is the only institution in the Jewish Community in Mexico that doesn’t belong to a specific ethnic/religious community, but it is considered a community in itself. Each community in Mexico has its’ own synagogues, schools, ritual baths, etc. according to the origin of its members. CDI does not make a distinction between origins and traditions. Every Jew can be a part of our JCC, and we have over 5,500 active household memberships which represent about 17,500 people. Our members range in age from 6 months to 120 years. We have something to offer to every single member of the extended family, from the toddler to the great grandparent. CDI Mexico participated in the Tri Center project, together with Gilo and the Sephardic JCC in New York, the Global Jewish Connections Fellows and the Biennial Leadership Seminar to Israel all under the auspices of JCC Global.

You can read about the Director General of Centro Deportivo Israelita A.C. (CDI), Jorge Wigisser Tajfeld, and about Monica Kibrit de Snaiderman, Secretary of the Executive Committee, Fellows in JCC Global Amitim-Fellows program.

Visit the Centro Deportivo Israelita A.C. (CDI) website for more information at: www.cdi.org.mx

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