Igal Shrim, District Director of Community Centers in Herzlia and the Director of the Jessy Cohen Community Center in Holon, Herzliya, Israel

Igal Shrim

Igal Shrim, District Director of Community Centers in Herzlia, Israel, and the  Director of the Jessy Cohen Community Center in Holon, member of the National Organization of JCC Israel.

Since his army service in 1981, Igal has devoted his career to education, first as an officer in the IDF Education Department, as a college student selected by WUJES working with Jewish students on campuses in south Africa, and as a director of national projects such as “Etgarim” (Challenges) with the accompanying tasks of leadership education and the development of various youth programs.

The list continues with his work as Director of Youth Activities, Director of Special Needs Populations and the directorship of the following Jewish Community Centers in Israel: Merhavim, Herzlia and Holon.

His special needs program, for example, was designed to meet the needs of physically and emotionally challenged individuals during their afternoon/evening hours at 80 centers throughout Israel from 2000-2002.

The various population groups Igal has worked with include immigrants from Ethiopia and Russia as well as native born Israelis.

Igal has led a variety of groups abroad: youth to Poland, to the Diller project in the USA, a mission of Gvanim to the USA, and to Azerbaijan.

Igal’s studies began in 1986 with a B.E.D. in Education and qualification as an official Israeli Tourist Guide. He received his M.A. in Jewish Studies from the School of Jewish Studies at the Solomon Schechter Institute in Jerusalem in 2008. During his Sabbatical from 2007-8, he studied in the Avi-Chai Foundation program which seeks to create a dialogue of understanding among Israelis holding different approaches to the Jewish tradition (masoret Israel).

He is currently married to Sigal and they have 4 children. They live at Moshav Talme Yafe  in the southern part of Israel.