JCC “Beit Graham”/ Charity Foundation “Hesed Hana”, Krivoy Rog, Ukraine

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The “Hesed Chana” Charity Fund was established in Krivoy Rog in 1997, with the support of the JDC. The main goal of the Foundation is to assist socially vulnerable individuals of the Jewish population and their families, regardless of nationality, in the city of Krivoy Rog and the periphery, the revival of the traditions and culture of the Jewish people, and to enhance Jewish identity.

The “Beit Graham” Community Center was established in 2009, with the support of the JDC, WJR, and the Richarda Grehema family from the UK, and plays a significant role in the revival of Jewish life in the city of Krivoy Rog. The center, operating under the charity fund “Hesed Hana”, operates 2,000 programs for Jewish families, children, and youth.

Today, it is a technically equipped, modern institution capable of high artistic and aesthetic level to organize and carry out diverse activities for children and adults, teams and performers.

Visit Beit Graham website for more information: http://hesedhana.com.ua