JCC Krakow, Krakow, Poland


The Jewish Community Centre of Krakow (JCC Krakow) was opened in April 2008 by HRH, The Prince of Wales and now serves as a focal point for the resurgence of vibrant Jewish life in Krakow. JCC Krakow works to change the world’s perception of Poland and provides a forum for Poles, both Jewish and non-Jewish, to engage with one another. The center provides social and educational services to the Jewish community of Krakow, coordinates programming open to the entire Krakow community to foster Polish-Jewish relations, and acts as Krakow’s Jewish visitor center. As such, it welcomes over 100,000 tourists, many of them Jewish, who pass through Krakow each year.

JCC Krakow currently boasts over 650 Jewish members, as well as a robust volunteer program of 50 non-Jews. It runs over 50 Jewish religious and cultural programs every week, including events for Jewish holidays, weekly Shabbat dinners, social activities, targeted welfare provision, education for all ages, and art exhibitions. In order to provide a home for all generations, JCC Krakow hosts the Senior Club—whose membership includes over 70 Holocaust survivors—Hillel Gimel student club, Club Bet for adults, JCC Sunday School, and Frajda Early Childhood Center. Please visit the JCC Krakow website to learn more: http://www.jcckrakow.org/en/