JCC of Timisoara, Bucuresti, Romania Profile


JCC Timisoara’s building was opened in 2010 after functioning for 3 years with JDC’s help. Our programming includes Jewish education for children, Hebrew lessons for adults, a choir, gaming events, tango lessons and movie nights for youth. Our Day Center services more than 40 senior citizens offering them conferences, trips, and arts & crafts activities. We have a tradition of celebrating Kabbalat and Oneg Shabbat together with up to 75 people.

We have organized Limmud sessions and participated in national programs like Bereshit and Keshet, as well as regional and women’s seminars. We have also partnered with the French, Czech, German and Spanish cultural centers in Timisoara.

You can read about the Director and President of the JCC of Timisoara, Dr. Luciana Friedmann, a Fellow in JCC Global Amitim-Fellows program.

Visit the JCC of Timisoara website for more information at: otertimisoara.jewish.ro

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