JCC “Thiya”, Khmelnitsky, Ukraine

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Our JCC is based in Khmelnitsky, but serves the Jewish population of Khmelnitsky and the Ternopol regions. Our Jewish community is scattered throughout a number of cities and people live in considerable distance from each other, but our JCC works to reach all of them. The JCC staff takes the time to get to know each member personally and to find out what their needs are. Their approach is to provide services to groups by age and conduct separate programming for each group. The JCC participated in the JDC/JCC Global project “One Candle Lighting Another- mentoring and professional exchange program.”

For several years now, we developed a special program “Ecoproject”, developed to overcome loneliness and counteract the aging process. Our participants can engage in occupational therapy, process the land and harvest in the country residence of our community – the Rehabilitation Center “School of Health”. Project participants cook jam from fruits, create stocks for the winter, which spread among the poor members of the community. We currently serve more than 200 participants in the project and it is considered one of the most effective projects in the region.

Starting from 2018, the Center for Social Assistance, which our JCC has been creating for more than a decade, will start operating. All members of the community from Khmelnitsky and Ternopil regions will be able to receive social services here, including: a Kosher dining room, a volunteer center and an auditorium for one hundred and fifty people.

More about the work of our JCC and the establishment of the Social Assistance Center can be found on the website: www.hesedbesht.org.ua