JCC Global Newsletter | July, 2018


Amitim update: Global MekoRock Coordinators Seminar in Israel

Zai’t Emek Hefer in Israel hosted an intensive seminar for the JCC Global MekoRock coordinators from Ukraine, Moldova and Venezuela June 3-8, 2018 . The seminar featured musical performances and workshops, tours, home hospitality, time to work together on developing the curriculum and attending the yearly Emek Hefer MekoRock grand concert with thousands of participants in attendance. We are looking forward to the successful implementation of the project locally and globally!

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Amitim update: Beit Graham JCC in Krivoy Rog, Ukraine visit to Neve Israel Community Center in Herzliya

On June 19th, Oxana Mantuzova, Director of Teen Programs and AJT, in Krivoy Rog visited her peers in Herzliya- Yaakov (Yaki Charlap), Chen Zeider, Nataly Yardeni and Sara Bogen, their group mentor- in order to further plan their joint global project. The wealth of programming in both cities was presented and an intensive peer to peer learning took place. The Aromatherapy program for seniors at Neve Israel was identified as an innovative program that can be emulated in many JCCs. At the same time, the extensive and highly professional youth work in Krivoy Rog was admired by all.

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Amitim update: The Oshman Family JCC in Palo Alto visit to Migvanim Ramat Hasharon

On June 24, Migvanim Ramat Hasharon hosted their North American Amitim partners who brought a 92 member delegation as part of a family trip to Israel, designed and implemented by the JCC Association Israel Center. 

Migvanim Community Centers in Ramat Hasharon under the leadership of Nissan Gez and Dovrat Weizer greeted their counterparts from Palo Alto,  Zack Bodner and Susan Saal. In a program that included meeting with the Mayor of Ramat Hasharon, arts and crafts workshop and an Israeli dance session, the guests were able to get a glimpse of the wide range of family-oriented programming in Ramat Hasharon. In between, the leaders were able to further discuss their joint Amitim project, together with the Krakow JCC – Kol Isha (A Women’s Voice) a program that focuses on women’s’ empowerment.

For Dovart Weizer speech

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JCC Global Delegation to the Third European Summit of Jewish Leadership

JCC leaders are welcome to join the JCC Global overseas delegation to this important gathering that will take place in Prague, November 18-20, 2018.

It is a gathering that will help shape the future of European Jewry. Attending this important conference are senior lay leaders and professionals from all across Europe together with gatherings of Yesod, EUJS/Junction (young leaders), ECJC Board, Small is beautiful: Network of Small Communities and the 12th European Conference of Social Welfare.
For more information about the conference and in order to register, please click here

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JCC Global Strategic Plan 2020-2025

Building upon the achievements of the past decade, JCC Global has initiated an in depth strategic planning process in order to develop a captivating five-year plan that will answer the ever-changing needs of the JCC global movement.

We are inviting JCC Global partners and participants to help us shape our future. We ask you to fill out the on-line survey sent to you by Dr. Ezra Kopelowitz of Rest LTD. In the fall, a group of JCC Global senior leaders will attend a 24 hours strategic plan retreat in Prague November 15-16, 2018. Our goal is to present to you a five-year work plan by the end of this year.

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Summer (in many parts of the globe) is JCC time.

As part of our efforts to encourage JCC camp staff exchange, we are happy to highlight the work of My Camp Abroad. This year a total of 27 Argentinean Jewish staff were hired to work in Jewish Summer Camps in the USA. Lamroth Hakol, Betel, Hebraica, Macabi and Hacoaj are some of the local JCCs in Argentina sending these terrific staff members. Together with JCC Association of North America we are looking to expand this program in the future.

To our friends at the Merage JCC of Orange County, California, we wish good luck at the upcoming JCC Maccabi Games and Arts Fest and at hosting the JCC Global teen delegation from Kfar Yona, Israel.

And to the tens of thousands of participants in JCC Camps all across the globe we wish a summer filled with joy and meaning! And a good dose of vitamin sea!

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Save the Date: November 18-20, 2019 – JCC Global’s 10th World Conference in Israel

SAVE THE DATES and join us for the 10th World Conference of JCC, November 18-20, in Israel.

JCC Global convenes the only World Conferences of JCCs.

In November 2015, the 9th World Conference brought to Jerusalem 500 Jewish leaders from 24 countries and 100 Jewish communities. The World Conference is open to senior professionals and lay leaders from all JCCs and to organizations that are involved with the work of JCCs. Prior to the World Conference, on November 17-18, the Amitim2.0- Fellows will convene to share best practices and continue their peer learning.

See what people had to say about the 9th World Conference:

“Thank you so very much for the opportunity you gave me! This conference was amazing! I felt like I am breathing fresh air! I know that we all tend to search for “immediate results” – go somewhere – boom! – new idea…I am not sure this conference was about that – I think it was more about the great feeling of belonging, of sharing

the same system of coordinates, of being heard by those who understand, about seeing new horizons where you

think it is a dead end… You know – sometimes it is so important – just to spend some time among your own

“species” if you know what I mean!”

Masha Aryeva, Executive Director, Yesod JCC, St. Petersburg, Russia

“It was an amazing experience to be in Israel with hundreds of Jews from all over the world! I love the community Amitim has created; and the scale and scope of the larger conference! Thank you again! “

Gelena Blishteyn, Deputy Director, Marks JCH of Bensonhurst, New York, USA

“I had a great time and found the conference very inspiring! I also had the opportunity to network with other professionals, volunteers and leaders. Further, it was enriching to learn from other communities their approach to tackle similar challenges we face.

Thank you for all the time and effort, it’s amazing to see such a small team pull off such a great conference! I sincerely appreciate your efforts.

Nissim Pingle,

Director, Evelyn Peters JCC, Mumbai, India

More information will be coming soon.

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