Kfar Yona Community Center, Kfar Yona, Israel


The Kfar Yona community center is a leading organization in the field of leisure, informal education and community development.
Being a citizen of the community means being an active partner in shaping the guest and quality of life of the individual and the community to which he belongs. The community center must develop values, create incentives for community involvement and do everything in a variety of fields and for a variety of populations.
The Community Center will develop sensitivity to other social and cultural problems, in conjunction with the formal education system, institutions and organizations in the city, municipal departments, an industrial area and more.

Goals of the community center:
– Design an inclusive, well-rounded, open and cohesive community with all the elements involved in planning and action, for community involvement, for working on the basis of partnership to improve and enrich the life of the community.
– Maximizing the potential of participants at the educational, emotional, social and moral level for children and youth. The goal also refers to formal education.
– Recruitment and maximization of resources from various sources.
– Improving and streamlining the organization, the machinery and the professional system, in order to ensure productivity, innovation, customer satisfaction, quality and professional excellence.
– To offer a wide range of programs and activities based on needs and desires, and to reach most age groups in the community.
– To continue building infrastructures for community leadership development that will be active, creative and dynamic for all populations in the community.

Visit the Kfar Yona Community Center website for more information at: www.mky.org.il

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