Kivunim, Be’er-Sheva, Israel Profile

Kivunim Be'er-Sheva Israel poster

Kivunim is a municipal corporation authorized by the Be’er-Sheva municipality to provide municipal services in the fields of recreation, culture, and community life.

Kivunim was established in 1999 in order to build, create and promote community activities, social and cultural programs for city residents of all ages; There was a small group of founders with a big dream and a vision. Since the early days of Kivunim, we have expanded our activities to accommodate all age groups, and different communities in the city. We are building independent community centers throughout the city, providing additional in-school programming, creating more gymnasium centers and more.

Today we are proud to be the main initiator of many successful events, programs, and other community related projects in the city, for residents from infants to elderly. Moreover, we are proud to participate in delegations and international programs promoting our values, heritage and community.

You can read about the Project Manager of Kivunim, Inball Lev, and about Nisim Sasportas, CEO, Fellows in JCC Global Amitim-Fellows program.

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