Lamroth Hakol Community Center, Vicente Lopez, Argentina


Lamroth Hakol is the community center of Zona Norte, founded by German Jews in 1944, belonging to the conservative movement. The mission of Lamroth Hakol is to enrich Jewish live for its community members and to encourage the continuity of Jewish Conservative tradition while providing a place to do so in a community. A community that is open to diversity, allows people to grow spiritually, all while passing down the values of our ancestors.

Lamroth Hakol proudly promotes the values of knowledge and interest in Jewish life which is committed to the mitzvoth of Talmud Torah (study), Avodah (prayer) and Guemilut Hassadim (social action). While young people are at the center of the community’s interest, elders and all other family members are integrated into the center and community.

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