Ma’ale Yosef Community Center, Ma’ale Yosef, Israel

פוסטר מעלה יוסף 6

The Maale Yosef community center operates within the Ma’ale Yosef Regional Council, which has 22 communities, and provides a package of services which are accessible and affordable to community members in the field of non-formal education, with an emphasis the values of tolerance, Zionism and love of country, involvement and giving, nature and the environment, democracy and self-management.

The center appeals to diverse populations including: early, youth, adults and seniors. The Center works in full cooperation with the departments of the Council, leaders of the Yishuv, and external institutions, through Management and a professional and attentive staff. The Community Center runs as a unit of the Council, and coordinates the activities of informal education, the activities of the regional culture, care for senior citizens, and more.

Maale Yosef community center is named after the soldier Eyal Drori, a resident of Ma’ale Yosef, who fell in the line of duty.

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