“Mazal Tov” Zaporizhzhia JCC, Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine Profile

Mazal Tov Zaporizhzhia JCC Ukraine poster

Zaporizhzhia City CF Mazal Tov JCC was founded in 1998 with the support of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. There are 3 staff members, 50 volunteers and 12 specialists.

JCC’s goals are: The implementation of social, cultural, educational and enrichment programs and projects covering all age groups of the region as well as support of initiatives for people with special needs, creating inclusive programs and organizing a group for people with special needs. In addition, providing charitable assistance to Jewish families in crisis and communicating Jewish wisdom and tradition to wide public with the help of online media resources. Mazal Tov JCC takes an active part in the life of Zaporizhzhia city and region, actively cooperates with the regional public institutions.

The JCC participated in JCC Global’s mentoring/professional exchange program with IACC Israel.

You can read about the Director of the “Mazal Tov” Zaporizhzhia JCC, Inessa Nosenko, and about Kateryna Minakova, Project Manager, Fellows in JCC Global Amitim-Fellows program.

Visit the  “Mazal Tov” Zaporizhzhia JCC website for more information at: goodpro.zp.ua

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