Migvanim: Ramat HaSharon Community Centers, Ramat HaSharon, Israel


Migvanim is a network of multi-disciplinary centers of Ramat Hasharon, which incorporate a wide range of classes, courses and lectures, activities, and interests for all ages and community projects. We believe that encouraging curiosity, broadening horizons and creating involvement are ways to build an active, committed, and involved community.

Migvanim centers are spread throughout Ramat Hasharon, and enable residents of the city to come with their families and experience a wide variety of activities. From learning music, through plastic arts to the cultivation of dance achievements in various bands. From sports and culture activities to enrichment and experience in various fields, including meetings and workshops from the world of science, medicine, body culture and personal awareness. From the daycare centers and schools to the operation of professional and social summer camps and summer vacations.

Beyond the multidisciplinary of its activities, Migvanim is unique in its operation of various community projects for the community and with the involvement of residents of the community. Among the projects and fields operated by the network are the Municipal Volunteer Center, the Community Mediation Center, the Time Bank, the Gvanim Center for Jewish-Israeli Culture, the Community Television and the Youth Movement.

Visit Migvanim website for more information: http://www.migvanim.com