Moshe Babel-Pour, CEO Even Yehuda Community Center, Even Yehuda Community Center


Moshe Babel was born in Iran, in 1967. Ten years later he made aliya. He is married to Sharon and they have three children, Hilla, Itay, and Noya.

He has been the CEO of the Even Yehuda Community Center since 2014. Before his current job he was the director of the children, youth, and young adults department at IACC (Israeli Association of Community Centers). He has years of experience working for Jewish communal causes, including being the CEO of Kadima, being the community shaliach and director of the Jewish Community Center of South Arizona, amongst other work within community centers in Israel. He is the 1989 recipient of the Education Award of Excellence for Informal Education of Youth, and is a graduate both Bar Ilan (B.A) and Ono College (M.B.A.).