Mr. Vadim Farber, Director, Jewish Cultural Center Solomonika, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Farber Vadym

Vadim was born in Krivoy Rog in 1978. He graduated from a local University and received his Master’s Degree in Education. After graduation, Vadim worked as an Art teacher at the Jewish Day School of Krivoy Rog and at the same time became very involved with the JCC. At the JCC, Vadim started as a volunteer of the Youth club in 2001, and quickly became passionately involved in the active community life. Very soon, he became the leader of Jewish youth club and creative arts studio at the JCC, and initiated and organized a variety of programs for families, children and youth.

In 2004 Vadim graduated the Metsuda, JDC’s flagship yearlong Jewish Young Leadership Program in Ukraine. A year later, he was invited to lead Krivoy Rog Jewish Family Service. Under his leadership, Hesed family service improved professionally and offered a range of new opportunities for vulnerable Jewish families, including: pre-school children’s daycare center, community leadership program for teens, support group for single mothers, which later developed into a strong program assisting women to become self-sufficient, find jobs and support their children.

After running Jewish Family Service for seven years, Vadim took responsibility for a new big community project – Krivoy Rog Foundation for Professional Development, which provided vocational training and employment assistance for vulnerable community members. When the military conflict broke out in Ukraine in 2013, the Foundation extended its agenda to support internally displaced people who fled from the Conflict Zone. Vadim was able to successfully cooperate with local state administration of Krivoi Rog, promoting interethnic tolerance values and local national communities’ partnerships in the city. He was elected a District Council deputy and served as the head of Culture, Families and Youth Affairs Committee for 4 years.

In 2015 JDC invited Vadim to lead the new fast developing Solomonika JCC in Dnepropetrovsk. As the new director, Vadim is very positive about the JCC’s future perspectives, putting all his knowledge, rich experience and inexhaustible energy into JCC promotion and development.