Mr. Yaakov (yakki) Charlap, CEO, Herzliya Community Centers

Charlap Yaakov

Yaakov Moshe (Yakki) Charlap is a 6th generation native Israeli. He is married to Karen, who made Aliya from America, and they have six children, Yossi, Shira, Elad, Uri, Mordechai and Netanel. Uri and Mordechai are currently serving in the IDF as combat soldiers.
Yaakov has always held leadership positions throughout his life. In the IDF, he became an officer in the paratroopers’ troop and completed his 4-year service as a commander of at-risk soldiers. Later on, as a university student, Yaakov was voted Chairman of the Student Association in Bar Ilan University. For the past 26 years, Yaakov has directed community centers under the Israel Organization of Community Centers.
He is currently the CEO of the Herzilya Association of Community Centers. Previously, he has been the CEO of the Lev Hair Community Center in Jerusalem, the CEO of Makefet Community Centers of Petach Tikva, the Director of Beit Foster, the Association of Community Centers in Herzilya, the CEO of the Community Centers in Eilat and as the Director of the Amishav Community Center in Petach Tikva.
Yaakov is a graduate of Bar Ilan University. He has a BA degree in Communal Social Work from and an MA degree in Public Administration.