Inessa Nosenko, Director, JCC Mazal Tov, Zaporozhye, Ukraine

Nosenko Inessa

Inessa graduated her History studies at the state university Zaporozhye state University in 1991 and at the Graduate School of Zaporozhye National University in 1992. Her research work was about the history of emigration of Ukrainians in Canada and the USA. She studied assimilation and disappearing of languages. She also graduated a course in management of hotel and tourist business in 2008 at Zaporozhye National University.

Since 1999, Inessa is the director of “Mazal Tov” Zaporozhye Jewish community center. She is also a teacher of history in Zaporozhye state educational – rehabilitation centre (since 1994).
Prior to that she was the Head of “The open world” charitable foundation (1998-2005), and a teacher in “Business school” project. Since 2008 she is the chairman of the board of Zaporizhzhya Regional public organization “Dyvosvit” (‘Wonderful World’).
She was the leader of the Jewish community of Zaporozhye in 1998, worked as the director of the private firm specializing in agricultural raw materials processing, and as a teacher of history and world religions at the city high schools.
Inessa participated in many educational seminars, and since 2000 she is a member of international conferences “Community leadership”, “Community building”, “Community management”. Since 2005 she is the deputy of the Regional alliance “Zaporozhye – is our city”. And since 2008 she led partnerships with Jewish communities and organizations in the U.S., Russia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and France. Inessa is married with a daughter.