Karen Donner Asscher, Management Member, Maale Yosef Community Center

Karen Donner

Karen was born and raised in what was then Rhodesia, today known as Zimbabwe. In Rhodesia, there was a strong Jewish Community with a strong desire to unite the community members. The community promoted the Zionist ideal and Aliya as a viable choice in a troubled political environment.
In Rhodesia, Karen was an active member and leader in the Jewish Youth movement Habonim, which for her was an important foundation to maintain Jewish identity in the diaspora. She came on Aliya with her parents at the age of 17, and graduated high school in Israel from an English speaking school in Sde-Boker, Ben Gurion’s dream in the Negev. She later moved to Jerusalem where she studied at the Hebrew University, for a Master’s Degree in Special Education. Later in her professional life, she specialized in the integration of computers in education, and have held various positions within the Ministry of Education: as a teacher, lecturer at a teacher training college, mentor and supervisor in this field. For a period of three years, she was the Israeli computer coordinator for the Tel–Aviv Los Angeles partnership 2000 program.
She currently lectures at Levinsky Teacher Training College, training teachers to integrate computers in education. She works one day a week promoting a program called “Jewish Communities Heritage” which encourages Junior-High students to explore and document their family`s Jewish cultural heritage. She also teaches at a special school called “Meytar” which caters for children with emotional difficulties. At her school she holds the position of Project Coordinator, and she also teaches Computers and English. They are a small and intimate school of only 40 students, each of whom has a personal learning and development program. Last year, their school joined the Twinning program (Western Galilee and Mid-West) and she was fortunate to participate in a delegation of teachers, which visited the Jewish communities they collaborate with over Passover 2016.
Karen is a mother of ten years old twin boys, and lives in a small village in the Western Galilee, called Mizpeh Hilla, with around 160 families. She is an active member of their local community, and holds a voluntary position on the local village committee where she is the representative and coordinator of all the informal education programs. She is the village`s representative on the ruling board of the local JCC center of Maaleh Yosef.