Laura Friedman, Executive Director, Shimon and Sara Birnbaum JCC, Bridgewater, USA

Laura Friedman

Laura spent her entire adult life working in Jewish Communal service. It was not until she was 15 years old when her parents sent her to Cejwin Jewish Summer Camp, when Judaism took on a different meaning in my life. She even met her husband that summer. Upon her return, she began to seek out Jewish knowledge. She joined Jewish youth groups, and visited her camp friends as much as possible. That experience led her to find a career in the JCC world. Working at a JCC has allowed her to share her passion to her staff and community for the Jewish world.

More than 25 years in the JCC world, she now believes that in order to be a good Executive Director you need to be a good person. You could have all the formal knowledge in the world but when you are dealing with people, you have to be able to understand their needs and work to help each one. She feels great satisfaction being been able to bring the high level of Jewish tradition, history, culture and values that have been part of her life to our Center.