Liat Blecher, Director, Kfar Vradim Community Center, Israel

Liat Blecher

Liat was was born and raised in Acre and today lives in a rural community named Gilon.
She graduated from Haifa Universuty with a BA in Political Science and Educational Administration, and then attended Tel Aviv University where she obtained her Master’s in public administration.
Since 1995, she has been working as a Director in four centers of the Community Centers Association: Acre, Ramat Ishay, and Misgav region. Misgav is the biggest community center in the north of Israel, where she was in charge of 250 workers and had 5,000 participants in a wide range of activities for kids, teens, adults and seniors, such as music, dancing school, arts and crafts, sports, culture and youth movements. Prior to that, Liat worked in Raanana municipality, and was in charge of “Meged” activities center.
Today she is working to establish the community center in Kfar Vradim, that opened in May, 2016, and she hopes to lead it to success.
She is the recipient of two prices for Excellency in work from the Israeli Community Center Association and from the Sport Minister. She served in the army as a lieutenant in the Education Corps, and is married with three children age 24, 19, and 15.