Mrs. Noga Levtzion Nadan, Chair of the Board, Beit Ha’Kerem community center, Jerusalem, Israel

Noga Levtzion Nadan 2017 (2)

Noga Levtzion Nadan is the chair of the board of the Beit Hakerem Community Headquarters in Jerusalem. In additi,on Noga is part of the management of “Yeru-shalem”, a coalition that advances pluralism within Jerusalem. In her profession life, Noga is the founder and CEO of Greeneye that recently received the Green Globe Award for 2016 for moving Israeli financial market toward an accountability and responsibility in the fields of ESG (environment, society and governance). Noga has over fifteen years of rich experience leading change in Israel’s ESG arena, working with policy-makers, the Israeli government, NGOs, the financial and business sectors. She holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Policy and Economics from the LSE and a BAarch in Landscape Architecture from the Technion. Noga wrote numerous publications, including a book on Israel’s environmental budgets and the way to employ them. Since its publication in 2005, it has become the benchmark for action and implementation.
Noga is married to Dr. Amos Nadan, a lecturer in Tel Aviv University and a social entrepreneur; and is the mother of Yael, Roy, Mia and Alon. She lives in Jerusalem.