Orly Dahan, Akko Community Center

Dahan Orly

In the past 25 years, Orly has been an educator in Akko High School. She herself grew up in Akko. Orly is a community-oriented person, always volunteering and contributing to advancing life in Akko. During her Army service, in the mid 80’s, Orly met her future husband Yoram Dahan. Yoram decided to remain at the IDF and chose his army service as a devotion and a career. Two years later, they got married, and during her studies for a bachelor degree, they became parents of their two children: Shani, 26 years old and Sagi, 23 years old. In 1982, the First Lebanon War was forced on Israel. In 1996 Yoram was a Lieutenant Colonel serving inside of Lebanon, fighting to bring peace and security for the residents of the Galilee. He was killed on a battlefield there, leaving his wife and two children behind, then Shani five years old and Sagi two years old. Orly and her two children were embraced by the community of Akko after that tragedy. Being so supported by her community, Orly felt even more compelled to serve her community. Her committed for social change and enhancement of education in the city was strengthened in the years to follow. At Akko school Orly is responsible for community relations and coordinating the youth volunteer program in the. She has been very active in Partnership2Gether of the Jewish Agency for Israel, and served on the Joint Steering Community, making impact on both sides of the ocean and strengthening ties between the two overseas community. Today, Orly is a member in the Women Empowerment Forum in Akko. She is also a Director on the Community Center Board. She holds an MA in History of the Jewish People.