Mrs. Tuna Alkan, Jewish Community Head of Young Adults, The Jewish Community of Turkey-Turkish Chief Rabbinate Foundation, Istanbul, Turkey

Alkan Tuna

Tuna was born in Istanbul in 1961. She graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Dentistry in 1983 and is a practicing dentist in her private clinic, in Istanbul. She is married and has one daughter.
Her community life started in 1978 by working on establishing the first youth commission and rikudim group in the Goztepe JCC. Tuna joined the administrative board of Goztepe JCC in 1987 and continued to work with the board since 1998. Worked in the Kisba commission of the Community Between 1995-2000 and started to collect Kisba from working women and joined the meetings to inform people about the community services. She was appointed as the Counselor of the Chief Rabbi in 1997 and was later appointed as a Jewish Community board member and the head of Young Adults commission in 1998. She has been working as the head of Social and Youth Clubs and Young Adults in the Turkish Jewish Community since 2000, and has also been in charge of the informal education programs and special projects for youth and families since 2003. For 20 years, she continued to work as a member of T.J. Executive board. She is still working for 18+ youth and young professionals (social and educational projects) on the board.