Maryna London, Jewish programs director, Beit Grand JCC, Odessa, Ukraine

Maryna London

Maryna was born in a Jewish family on 1986. She graduated from high school with honors and entered Odessa National University, the faculty of International economy. From the very beginning she combined studying with working in the Israeli Cultural Center. She took part in three leadership programs, and was once the head of Taglit group. She was the first to gather 40 participants from Odessa only and it was the first time when Odessa got 40 places in Taglit program. After two years of working with Jewish youth, Maryna started working as a consultant at the consular receptions.

After her graduation with honors, she worked in the bank, and also as a car dealership director. Two years later, the new JCC in Odessa was open and she was offered the position of Jewish programs director. Since then she has been working there except for 9 months break in 2014-2015, when she lived in the USA. In Beit Grand JCC, Maryna is responsible for coordination and organization of all the Jewish programs and projects. As of today, there are 40 programs and projects. The major areas of her work include: family programs, Jewish calendar holidays, commemoration ceremonies, Jewish performances, volunteer projects, children day camps and youth club.