Neta Magen, Director, Beit Ha’Kerem community center

Neta Magen

Neta Magen has been the director of Beit hakerem Community Center for the last two years. She has been the Director of the Efrat Community Center in Gush Etzion for nine years. She has also directed the Youth and Community Division and served as the Deputy Director of the Community Center in the Efrat Community center in Gush Etzion for three years. Being the senior coordinator at the community center, she is responsible for all areas of the community and the coordinators, which include youth, special needs, library, culture and more, as well as acting director of the community center in his absence.
For five years she’s directed the Children and Youth Division at the Efrat Community Center. The position included organizing a budget and running the various youth programs in Efrat, including coordination of work between the different community centers.