Ms. Violetta Koshyna, Coordinator of Jewish young leadership program Metsuda, Jewish Community Cultural Center Beith Ross, Kharkov, Ukraine

Koshyna Violetta

Violetta graduated from the Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs where she studied Psychology.
Violetta worked as a coordinator of educational programs at Hillel between 2006 – 2012, and as assistant Welfare & JR, coordinator of the program “Metsuda” in the Kharkov region at JDC Kharkov between 2012-14. Since 2014 Violetta has been working as the Coordinator JR program in the Kharkov region, and Coordinator of Jewish young leadership program for Metsuda and Post Metsuda in Ukraine, Georgia , Moldova, at JDC Kharkov.
Violetta herself is a graduate from Metsuda Youth Jewish Leadership course in 2009.