Noga Gil Bassi, Head of Community & Education, Valley of Springs Regional Council, Emeq Beit-Shean, Israel

Noga Gil Bassi

Noga Gil Bassi has served as the Head of Community & Education for the Valley of Springs Regional Council since 2009. She actually established the department and built an educational strategy for the coming decade, which is currently being implemented in cooperation with different sectors—in a joint effort to advance education and the community in the Valley of Springs.
She previously served as associate principal of Shaked post elementary school in Sde-Eliyahu as well as in other capacities – as vice principal, pedagogical coordinator, and homeroom teacher.
In the past she was a social activist involved in the Shelef program (high school seniors for development towns) and currently partners in processes for advancing religious feminism.
Noga holds a Master’s degree (with distinction) in Judaism Studies, from Touro College, and a Bachelor’s degree and teaching certificate in Talmud studies, from Bar-Ilan University. She is a graduate of the Maoz Fellows program and a member of the Maoz network.
Noga is married and has five children.