Patricia Manusovich, Board Member, Club Nautico Hacoaj, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Patricia Manusovich_small

For the last 4 years Patricia is a Member of the Directory Board of Club Nautico Hacoaj. She is a Tax Attorney, and she holds a Certification in Ethics and Compliance, and a Diploma in Publics and Institutionals Relationships.  Currently, she leads the Control and Transparency Coordination of the Secretary of Social Economy in the National Ministry of Social Development where she advises in topics concerning public integrity and anti-corruption.

In 2015 she was invited to participate in the Regional Summer Academy Latin America of the International Anticorruption Academy.

Before that, she headed the Tax Department of Klein & Franco Law Attorneys at Law, and she also was a Lawyer Team Leader at the Federal Administration of Public Revenues.

She published numerous articles in prestigious law journals, lectured at several seminars and courses and participated in various national as well as international conferences. She is a member of the Executive Board of the Argentinean Association of Ethics and Compliance, the Association of Compliance Officers and the Argentine Forum of Executive Women.