Pisgat Zeev Community Council, Jerusalem, Israel


The Pisgat Zeev Community Council is a community-based social organization that enables its residents to take an active part in community decision-making. Its establishment is a result of the residents. The Community Administration is headed by a board composed of residents who were democratically elected by residents of the neighborhood and representatives of the Jerusalem Municipality and the Israel Association of Community Centers.

The administrative activities are divided into two parts. One is the direct management of programs on a wide range of topics. The second includes the strategic processes in all areas related to community life: security, leisure, environment, planning, enrichment, etc.

The Pisgat Ze’ev community strives to have an active, social, creative and entrepreneurial community, in which people care, volunteer and influence their quality of life, by developing and offering programs and services in the highest levels in the fields of leisure, culture and sport while maintaining strong organizational and economic robustness.

Visit the Pisgat Zeev Community Council website for more information: www.Pzeev.org.il