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JCC Global Newsletter | January, 2016

More than 500 presidents and executive directors of Jewish Community Centers from 24 countries convened in Jerusalem, November 1-6, 2015 for JCC Global’s 2nd Amitim-Fellows Conference and the 9th World Conference of JCCs.

Thank you conference supporters and donors

9th World Conference SponsorsWith more than 1,000 JCCs worldwide, they represent the largest global Jewish network. In a post survey conducted by Dr. Ezra Kopelowitz, 95.6% said the conference was a success. 91.2% said the conference contributed to their desire to attend other JCC Global program and activities. Participants reported that the conference contributed to strengthening the connection to other Jewish communities (100 %,) the ability to develop joint global projects (95 %,) networking with others who have similar interests (92.5 %,) understanding of other Jewish communities (92.3 %,) involvement as a leader in their Jewish community (85 %,) and the desire to contribute to the Jewish People (82.5 %.)

Highlights of the Amitim-Fellows Conference included:

  • Opening evening at the French Hill community center with speaker Rabbi Talia Avnon-Benvenisti from Beit Hatfutsot
  • Outdoor team building workshop at the Jerusalem Zoo followed by a meeting with the Zoo’s executive director Shai Doron to learn about multi culturalism in their educational work
  • Three track visits around Jerusalem to learn about the role of the JCC in promoting a vibrant civil society (cultural arts, minorities and next generation) followed by a meeting at the Jerusalem Municipality
  • A fascinating lecture by Maxine Fassberg, VP of Intel bringing her experience of running a global company to the world of nonprofits.
  • A workshop utilizing the Learning from Success model to analyze the global projects
  • A workshop for the global projects to continue developing global projects and assessing challenges.
  • What’s next? A session to receive feedback from Fellows and plan next steps.

Highlights of the 9th World Conference of JCCs included:

  • A session on Jews living today in Europe with senior leaders from all across Europe
  • An opening dinner event with Micah Goodman, key note speaker on Jewish Peoplehood
  • A plenary with top leaders of JCC networks Dr. Stephen Hazan Arnoff, CEO and president, JCC Association of North America (JCCA,) Aviad Friedman, chair, Israel Association of Community Centers (IACC,) Latin America: Anabella Jaroslavsky, executive director, Confederation of Latin American Maccabi Community Centers (CLAM,) and Diego Ornique, Director or JDC Europe to discuss their regional perspectives, how do they see global collaborations, and what are they bringing to the global table.
  • A Doors and Doorways interactive workshop in 30 small groups of people from different countries discussing the values of space, gateway keepers and outreach in their communities followed by an interactive grand art project was conducted by David Moss and Elyssa Moss Rabinowitz. 25 facilitators from around the world led the small group discussion and work.
  • JGlobal Talks (TED style) on thinking local and acting global with Mark Shapiro, president and CEO, Harry and Rose Samson Family JCC, Milwaukee, USA,Mario Izcovich, director, Pan European Programs and Leatid, JDC Europe, Barcelona, Spain, Kineret Kahana, deputy director, Ginot Ha’ir Community Council, Jerusalem, Israel and Zack Bodner, CEO, Oshman Family JCC, Palo Alto, USA
  • A networking expo presenting 35 programs that connect Jewish communities around the world, including the 7 Amitim-Fellows projects.
  • A plenary with Diana Pinto, a leading historian from Paris focused on the recent political and social trends in Europe and included firsthand personal impressions of life in Europe today from members of the large European delegation. Followed by remarks from Ofer Glantz, CPO, JDC
  • An opinion survey on Jewish identity, personal security and Israel relations was conducted of delegates with results released during the conference. Main speakers included:
  • Track visits in Jerusalem on various themes, most of them also showcasing Amitim projects: cultural arts, ecology, special needs, women and teen engagement.
  • A plenary on the sustainability of Jewish Peoplehood programs with Vivian Saade Metta from Mexico, Jerry Spitzer from New York and Raya Strauss Ben Dor from Israel, chaired by Hillel Schmid.
  • A final event at Bible Lands Museum where teens from Moldova, Venezuela and Israel who participated in the Global Mekorock Seminar preformed lyrics and music that they wrote during the week in three languages culminating with a joint song in all three languages about the way music binds cultures.

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Conference Photos

Photos from the Amitim-Fellows 2nd Conference and the 9th World Conference of JCCs can be seen in the following links:

Amitim-Fellows 2nd Conference

JCC Global’s 9th World Conference of JCCs

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Videos from our 9th World Conference

Presenting the Amitim-Fellows 7 Joint Projects

JGlobal Talks

Closing remarks: “Our Future Vision and Call for Action”

Global Mekorock Teens Performance & Interviews

Read the lyrics of all songs here.

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Amitim-Fellows Joint Projects 2015 Seminars

HAMSA • L’Alliance TeenGlobal MekorockGlobal ArtAdam-Adamah

  • HAMSA JCC Global Madrichim Fellowship Israel seminar | Dec-24-30

Just a few weeks ago, teens from five Jewish Communities around the world (JCC of Greater Washington, USA | Bensonhurst JCC in NY, USA | JCC in Manhattan, USA | Balint JCC in Budapest, Hungary | Kivunim in Be’er Sheva, Israel) gathered in Israel for the second part of the HAMSA 18-month long leadership fellowship. The teens visited Sde Boker, Yad Vashem, and the Kotel. They had a chance to volunteer with refugee kids in Tel Aviv and experience Israel as one community.

During the concluding session of the seminar, when asked to write one word that described their feelings toward the seminar, the group and Israel, they wrote:

* Welcoming * Identity * Inspiring * Unexpected * Home * Great * Loved * Eye Opening * Understanding * New * Beauty * Reunited * Future * Connection * Awesome * Joyful * Unbelievable *

After their initial encounter in the International Szarvas Camp in Budapest, Hungary, and their Israel training seminar, they will meet for their final summer camp leadership training seminar in the United States during the summer of 2016.

IMG_7790 IMG_7783 IMG_7782 IMG_7884 IMG_7853 IMG_7846 IMG_7945 IMG_7979 IMG_7981 IMG_8029 IMG_8047 IMG_8048 IMG_8086 IMG_8190 IMG_8159 IMG_8119 IMG_8092 IMG_8372 IMG_8345 IMG_8279 IMG_8452 IMG_8631 IMG_8628 IMG_8625 IMG_8615 IMG_8605 IMG_8590 IMG_8731 IMG_8715 IMG_8710 IMG_9209 IMG_9112 IMG_9118 IMG_9105 IMG_9241 IMG_9219 IMG_9323 IMG_20151229_173228561 IMG_20151229_173021875

Photo Credit: Michaela Slutsky, Director of Youth Employment and Education, BensonHurst JCC

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  • L’Alliance Teen Project Israel seminar | Dec-24-30

It wasn’t easy. Over the past year, the partner of L’Alliance Teen Project suffered quite a few unexpected challenges in getting their project off the ground, ranging from global unrest to staff turnover and change in partners. After finding a new partner in Israel during the 2nd Amitim-Fellows Conference, and despite this difficult start, the partner communities decide to hold their first teen seminar. Teens from Beit Hakerem Community in Jerusalem hosted their partners from New York, Paris, and Khmelnitsky for a week-long program.

During this week long seminar the teens got a chance to get to know one another; learn about the differences and similarities of their Jewish communities; visit to Masada, Beit Ha’Tfussot, Na L’agaat Center in Tel-Aviv and much more. They decided on a joint project where they will interview one another, including members of their families and communities, before visiting and after, to learn about our miss-perceptions of one another and later think together how they might change that.

IMG_5448 IMG_5439 IMG_5433 IMG_5547 IMG_5506 IMG_5484 IMG_5460 IMG_5458 IMG-20151228-WA0057 IMG-20151228-WA0051 IMG-20151228-WA0050 IMG-20151228-WA0055 IMG-20151228-WA0054 IMG-20151228-WA0053 IMG-20151228-WA0049 IMG-20151228-WA0047 IMG-20151228-WA0046 IMG-20151228-WA0045 IMG-20151228-WA0043 IMG-20151228-WA0042 IMG-20151228-WA0040 IMG-20151228-WA0038 IMG-20151228-WA0036 IMG-20151228-WA0033 IMG-20151228-WA0032 IMG-20151228-WA0031 IMG-20151228-WA0030 IMG-20151228-WA0029 IMG-20151228-WA0028 IMG-20151228-WA0026 IMG-20151228-WA0025 IMG-20151228-WA0024 IMG-20151228-WA0023 IMG-20151228-WA0022 IMG-20151228-WA0021 IMG-20151228-WA0020 IMG-20151228-WA0019 IMG-20151228-WA0018 IMG-20151228-WA0014 IMG-20151228-WA0013 IMG-20151228-WA0012 IMG-20151228-WA0011 IMG-20151228-WA0010 IMG-20151228-WA0008 IMG-20151228-WA0005 FullSizeRender_3 FullSizeRender_2 FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender

“I cannot begin to express how much I enjoyed and appreciated this opportunity. I never thought I would be able to go to Israel until I was in college on Birthright. This trip had made me appreciate my Jewish heritage more than I did before. The most memorable portion of the trip for me would have to be talking to everyone about their own opinions about prominent issues and events that occur in their community- for example, whether or not the Israelis want to go into the army if they had the choice to do otherwise or what the recent tragedy in Paris was like for the girls who live in France. These conversations and relationships I’ve had and created over these past seven days are some that I know I will never forget for as long as I live. I can’t wait to return to Israel soon.” – Sophie Lipstein, 17, NY

“I am truly very happy and grateful to have been a part of this wonderful and amazing program.  The opportunity I was given was a once in a lifetime chance to meet amazing teens from around the world. I have learned so much about Jewish communities in places like France, Ukraine, New York, and even Argentina! I will always remember all of the amazing people that I met and hopefully I will be able to see them again in the next JCC program meetup.” – Roni Shachar, 16, Israel

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  • Global Mekorock Teen seminar | Nov-1-5

For the first time since the establishment of the Mekorock project in Emeke Hefer, Israel, six years ago, a Global Mekorock group met in Israel. The teens from Kedem JCC in Chisinau (Kishinev), Moldova; Hebraica in Caracas, Venezuela; and Emek Hefer in Israel, had a week long seminar. They toured Israel together, learn about their Jewish heritage, create music and formed new and profound friendships.

10560288_10153705713650170_5914765996908618058_o 12374825_10153705713585170_8161614347380649099_o 2015-11-01 19.34.50 2015-11-01 17.10.30 2015-11-01 16.55.18 2015-11-01 12.50.17 2015-11-01 11.19.40 2015-11-01 10.32.54 2015-11-01 10.29.09 2015-11-01 09.55.59 2015-11-01 09.35.49 1795395_10153705713390170_395211004513041921_o 1052362_10153705713455170_8898814221932379031_o 1598006_10153705713535170_7162993704162835627_o 1534744_10153705713260170_5574119389907439517_o 2015-11-02 14.29.44 2015-11-02 14.36.05 2015-11-02 19.54.56 2015-11-02 19.47.52 2015-11-02 19.47.35 2015-11-02 17.09.13 2015-11-02 15.56.30 2015-11-02 11.21.45 2015-11-02 11.01.38 2015-11-04 17.03.51 2015-11-04 17.49.21 2015-11-04 17.47.34 2015-11-04 17.22.52 2015-11-04 17.22.48 2015-11-04 16.02.34 2015-11-04 16.02.13 2015-11-04 14.14.09 2015-11-04 13.53.27 2015-11-04 12.00.46

The highlight of this seminar, which took place in parallel to the 2nd Amitim-Fellows Conference  and 9th World Conference of JCCs, was the teens performance at the closing event of the World Conference in front of 200 guests. Each community wrote a song especially for this event. The surprise of the evening was when the teens performed a song they wrote together during their seminar in especially for this occasion. You can read the lyrics of all songs in this link and watch their performance in the video below.

New cohorts of Global Mekorock teens are forming in each of the four partner communities (Chisinau (Kishinev), Moldova | Caracas, Venezuela | Emek Hefer, Israel | Tenafly, NJ, USA) and are expected to meet during the summer of 2016 in Tenafly, New-Jersey, USA.

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  • Global Art Project – Hevel Eilot Exhibition | Oct-29-Oct-31

After six months of intense work, three communities – JCC’s of Greater Toronto, Hevel Eilot Regional Council and local Community Center and Redbridge JCC in London, came together to present a joint global exhibition titled “Journeys”. The festive opening night took place at the Hevel Eilot Regional Council with representatives of all JCCs, JCC Association and the Israel Association of Community Center (IACC).

EILOT_2015_0217 EILOT_2015_0089 EILOT_2015_0088 EILOT_2015_0080 EILOT_2015_0077 EILOT_2015_0076 EILOT_2015_0073 EILOT_2015_0066 EILOT_2015_0065 EILOT_2015_0064 EILOT_2015_0063 EILOT_2015_0062 EILOT_2015_0011 EILOT_2015_0009 EILOT_2015_0008 EILOT_2015_0007 EILOT_2015_0005 EILOT_2015_0043 EILOT_2015_0049 EILOT_2015_0024 EILOT_2015_0055 EILOT_2015_0053 EILOT_2015_0040 EILOT_2015_0023 EILOT_2015_0017 EILOT_2015_0113 EILOT_2015_0121 EILOT_2015_0156 EILOT_2015_0103 EILOT_2015_0193 EILOT_2015_0175 EILOT_2015_0195 EILOT_2015_0161 EILOT_2015_0139 EILOT_2015_0150 EILOT_2015_0146

Photo credit: Aran Dolev

  • Adam-Adamah Krakow-Jerusalem seminar | Oct-25-Nov-1

On the lat week of October 2015, young leader from three communities (JCC Krakow | JCC Milwaukee | Ginot Ha’ir Community Council in Jerusalem) met for the first time for a four day seminar in Krakow followed by a four day seminar in Israel. These young leaders of the Adam-Adamah joint project had hands on experiences in the various community gardens while getting to know each other and forming an environmental activist group. While exploring Krakow and Jerusalem, two interesting and important cities in Jewish history, the participants had a unique chance to explore their Jewish heritage, their own Jewish identity and what it mean to be a Jewish people.

12118716_10204817263303511_5481156738448834985_n  12196282_10204817274103781_611309623944369224_n  12187878_10204817275223809_2007542927961984638_n  1889076_10204817269663670_3953447947106239625_o  12188121_10153647555940520_5832843630614802649_o  12188024_10153508647708889_5690124033506449956_o  12195986_10204817265263560_2984913281696498655_n  12208352_1151940058167151_8764146794235131404_n  12193534_1151940028167154_4217631462955016444_n  12189652_1151940271500463_3966037488154746681_n  12122625_10153508647828889_7774134757071606515_n  12109160_10204817262543492_8347877026804755824_n  11251171_1658124714467609_7343805129688627200_n  10151266_10204817272023729_828911017050845136_n  12191644_1151940141500476_1483595877037336980_n  12191244_10153508682803889_2984149877142972722_o  12189264_10153508683053889_3089465380337258282_o  12191136_10153647558400520_2203451830701355855_o  12189674_1151940104833813_3809255075805402741_n  12186641_10153647558690520_3204691245228815930_o 11215729_1658124907800923_8586271063258776148_n  11072934_10153647558795520_7186099866123153125_o  11050240_10153508683278889_5064211777291592351_o  12186684_10153647555760520_8167304039270799382_o  12185275_10153647557010520_2544790767986945157_o  12191268_10153508635648889_6418812103920445918_o  12191151_10153508665518889_3739620176665187314_o  12187965_10153508665553889_5419104843353488204_o  12186454_10153508669363889_315211087796209861_o  11224657_10153508667813889_4208491956821063148_o  11722488_10153508666768889_7802242624613022923_o  11698833_10153647557615520_7344929842823907679_o  12184174_10153647555710520_4842855546009687932_o  10151266_10204817272023729_828911017050845136_n  12049737_10153647556040520_3001517069247465030_n  11223725_10153508636018889_531833100498258767_o

Adam-Adamah Krakow seminar photos Oct-2015 Photo credit to: Hilla Chipman Galante, Joanna Spyra, Tehila Cohen













Adam-Adamah Jerusalem seminar photos Oct-2015 Photo credit to: Hilla Chipman Galante, Joanna Spyra, Tehila Cohen

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JCC Global in the Media

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Save The Date – JCCA Baltimore Biennial (May-15-18, 2016) and JCC Global post-Biennial Seminar (May-18-22, 2016)

Dear JCC Global Friends,

You are invited to the JCC Association of North America 2016 Biennial Conference!

This is the largest gathering of lay leaders and executive directors of JCCs from all over North America. As in the past, JCC Global is organizing a special track for overseas delegates. This year the post Biennial seminar will be hosted by the JCC of Greater Washington in Rockville, MD. For more information please read this document.

JCCA Biennial 2016 Logo

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