JCC Global update from Israeli JCCs and Budapest Conference

Dear Friends,

These are challenging times for Israel and the Jewish People.

We want to share with you the incredible work that is currently done by Community Centers- under the umbrella organizations of IACC and IFCC- all over Israel, working tirelessly to help children and families cope with the situation.  We also want to share with you the successful results of the Amitim– Fellows- Budapest Conference that took place a short month ago and promises to change the face of JCC to JCC partnerships.

From Israel, Dorit Rom, Director of International Relations and Resource Development at the Israel Association of Community Centers (IACC) briefly reports on their work:

“It has been quite a traumatic few weeks here in Israel. With a barrage of rockets fired at Israel, the lives of children, adults and elderly have been turned upside down. IACC has mobilized all of its resources in order to ease the stress and trauma of families and children in particular.

IACC initiated shelter-based programs and activities offering alternative types of recreational activities for children and youth mainly in the Southern communities, those who spend many days in protected spaces. IACC has also taken families and children on “rest and relaxation” field trips in other areas of the country.

IACC oversees the weekly activities and outings of more than 30,000 youth, children and families. These include: day trips around the country to zoos, museums, water parks, the Elite chocolate factory, being hosted by communities in the North, and more. Communities that so far participated in these programs are: Ofakim, Gan Yavneh, Merchavim, Ramat Negev, Yavneh, Segev Shalom, Merkaz Shapira, Beit Shemesh, Yad Binyamin, Rahat, Tel Sheva and more (please note that the list includes Bedouin settlements as well.)” For more information and if you wish to make a donation towards these programs, please contact Dorit Rom: doritrom@matnasim.org.il

The JCC Global Amitim-Fellows Budapest Conference, co-chaired by Mark Ramer and Menachem Revivi,brought together almost 100 Executives Directors, Presidents, Senior Lay Leaders, Board Members and representatives of JCC regional networks – CDI, CLAM, EAJCC, IACC, IFCC, JCCA, JDC and Jewish Care- in Budapest in order to launch the three year program.

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We were also featured on the UJA Federation of New York web site.

Please find attached the 7 projects that were chosen by the 27 JCCs and the breakdown of the JCC joint project groups.

We send our deepest condolences to all the families in Israel who are mourning the deaths of their beloved ones, we pray for the quick recovery of the wounded and hope that very soon normal life will be resumed.

The JCC Global team

Jane Gellman

Ishie Gitlin

Smadar Bar-Akiva

Anna Michel

Amitim-Fellows Budapest Group photo

Amitim-Fellows Budapest Group photo